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ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is a game just for kids. With smaller courts, lighter racquets and low-compression balls that don’t bounce too high, it makes learning fun and easy for kids. Take a look!


ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is a tennis program designed specifically to meet the needs of children. With the inclusion of smaller courts, and modified equipment; lighter racquets and low-compression balls, which move through the air slowly and don’t bounce too high, make learning tennis fun and easy for primary school-aged children.


The idea behind the Hot Shots Program, particularly the modified equipment, is to allow children to start rallying, learning the basic skills required for tennis and have fun right from their first lesson.


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Award Winning program

2015 Australian Coach of the year

Developmental Stages

Guided by Tennis Australian Coaches

Cutting Egde Levels

Engineered to develop skills faster

ANZ Hot Shots Participants

Little superstars in the making

See what ANZ Tennis Hot Shot is all about?

Speciality Designed


Speciality Designed


Speciality Designed


Enjoy And Socialise

The tennis balls have been specialty designed to allow kids to have more time to hit the ball, which allows better control and helps kids develop correct stroke technique.


There are three kinds of low compression balls - red, orange and green - which are all softer and bounce lower than a yellow ball.   

Every child is unique; therefore it's important that we take the time to match each child with the appropriate racquet to help ensure they have a blast on the court.


Through research, the sport has evolved significantly for kids to help ensure tennis is as kid friendly as possible

The courts have been specialty designed so kids can cover them and have more success when they play.


The reduced court size allows kids to develop proper footwork patterns and more importantly play the game quicker and enjoy the game for life.

Tennis is a sport that gets kids moving, improves balance, agility and hand-eye coordination, and can teach self-confidence and self-assurance.


It allows your child to make new friends in a safe, fun and supportive environment.


What more... its a game the whole family can play together anywhere.

4 Easy Stages

Kids progress through 4 stages: Blue, Red, Orange and Green.


Guided by qualified Tennis Australia coaches, kids are encouraged

to develop at their own pace, moving on to the next stage when they are ready.


How Much Does It Cost?

On Average you can expect to pay $15.00 per session.




Age Range

Lesson Duration

Coach to Student Ratio

Cost Per Session

Launch Pad Stage

Age: 3-5years


1 coach : 4 students

$15.00 per lesson

Red Stage

Age: 5-8years


1 coach : 4 students

$15.00 per lesson

Orange Stage

Age: 8-10years


1 coach : 6 students

$15.00 per lesson

Green Stage

Age: 9years +


1 coach : 6 students

$15.00 per lesson

How Do I Book I Into A Session?

You can either click here to be directed to our online enquiry page or you can call our office on (03) 9882 2486


What Are The Term Dates?

The term dates are as below, please note that there are No Lessons on public holidays and long weekends.


Term dates run wekk shorter than the school term to allow for a make up lesson in the event of inclement weather.




Number of Weeks

Cost Range

Term 1 2016

01 February - 20 March 2016

7 weeks

From $91.00

Term 2 2016

18 April - 20 June 2016

9 Weeks

From $117.00

Term 3 2016

11 July - 04 September 2016

9 Weeks

From $117.00

Term 4 2016

03 October - 04 December 2016

9 Weeks

From $117.00


Where Can I Buy Equipment?

We are also able to source racquets and equipment at discounted rates through approved suppliers.


When choosing a racquet for your child make sure that the grip isn’t too big and that they can hold the weight of the racquet comfortably when their arm is extended.


Length of the racquet is also important. This means they will be able to swing the racquet quite easily. If in doubt please talk to one of the experienced coaches.